We exist because we CARE about our community

The JOAN KERING FOUNDATION is an organization registered under the societies of
Kenya. It aims at working towards the need to make reforms in the informal settlements (slums) in Mugumoini Ward, Langata sub-county, Nairobi County, Kenya, in an effort to reduce high poverty levels, enlighten through knowledge dissemination in trainings and empower in income-generating projects, this way it will help in the realization of other Sustainable Development Goals and Kenya’s vision 2030.

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JK for Young Mothers

We aim at supporting young mothers between 18 to 23 years of age in the informal settlements (Slums).

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our goals

Economic Empowerment

Empower women and youth economically through equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge in venture creation.


To launch necessary reforms in the community for eradication of community evils.


Create a sense of cooperation, integration, and unity among the people while Motivating people to undertake better participation in developing community programs

Resource mobilization

Mobilization of resources to create a suitable ground for basic needs realization and eradication of problems.

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